In addition to the traditional big five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch and taste), there is another powerful sense that often gets ignored and that’s our sense of space. Most digital experiences are fleeting in nature. You swipe off something and it is gone, forever. 

There is a permanence to our sense of space that when coupled with content is much more impactful and memorable than trying to cram a message through a small screen like we do today. 

Understanding and enhancing this relationship between content and context is at the core of what ARound is about.

Digital doesn’t have to distract and pull us away from the physical world. 

At ARound, we believe digital can enhance our sense of presence, connect to our sense of place and reinforce the shared experiences around us.

What’s missing is a way to easily connect with the people, places and products around us through creative, interactive, hybrid experiences.

At ARound, we believe that the overlap for all of this is augmented reality for live events where we can bring audiences together around a shared experience, allowing for completely new forms of entertainment and engagement.

Stadiums, venues, and retailers have a real need to get customers and casual fans more engaged while delivering experiences that can’t be duplicated on TV or online. 

At ARound, we are solely dedicated to supporting these scaled experiences, developing a platform for venues to rapidly build, deploy, and manage shared massive, multi-user experiences that are connected to their locations and events.

We can’t wait to show you how.