Stadium View: AR Will Lead Sports Marketers Into the Metaverse

"Why is it hard to scale AR? Because – to date – AR has focused on the individual. We believe that the transformational power of AR is in creating experiences that bring people together around a common place and purpose." Check out the premier issue of Stagwell's new...

How Will The Metaverse Reshape Retail?

The metaverse is the new tech darling as companies look to harness the next-generation of the internet to connect with their customers and grow their bottom line. Mark Penn, Chairman and CEO of Stagwell Global, discusses his company's new AR platform and how...

ARound Live @ CES C Space

ARound's founder Josh Beatty talks the Metaverse and more at CES 2022 with C Space host James Kotecki. Check out the great conversation -

The PR Week Podcast with Mark Penn

Incredible opportunity to speak with Mark Penn, Stagwell's chairman and CEO, and PR Week's Gideon Fidelzeid about all things ARound on The PR Week Podcast.

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